Yay! We are featured on MediaCorp 8world news!

Yay! We are featured on MediaCorp 8world news!

We had our 30 seconds of fame when we were interviewed and featured on MediaCorp's 8world prime time news. Read the mandarin article here: https://www.8world.com/singapore/green-startup-1671351

During the interview we have shared much more about our journey and why we do what we do than what was shown. 

Reporter: Why did you start The Rollieco?

The Rollieco: Did you know that 27,000 trees are being cut down globally everyday just to satisfy our human need for toilet paper? Statistics like this scares us and we thought there must be a better way.

(Co-founder, Andrew) Coming from the waste management and recycling industry, I know the difficulties of the recycling industry and how hard it is to get people to recycle. A lot is about demand and supply. As more people demand for recycled products, it will in turn increase demand for recycling activity, and more people will recycle thus improving recycling rates. A virtuous cycle. 

Looking around at our daily essential products like toilet paper, we found that the most common types found are actually made of pure virgin pulp meaning trees were cut down for the sole purpose of making into single use toilet papers. So after a few months of searching, researching and testing, we found a better solution. Toilet rolls made from recycled paper. Hence The Rollieco was born. 

Reporter: What's so special about it?

The Rollieco: We have designed the product with sustainability in mind. Besides from being made from recycled paper, the packaging are designed to be plastic-free and re-useable and recyclable. Each rolls have 400 sheets which is 2 times longer than typical ones you find in supermarkets, reducing storage space, transportation and carbon footprint involved. The wrappers are designed to be cute and eye catching so it can be conversation starter to create more awareness around sustainability. 

Reporter: What do you hope to achieve with it?

The Rollieco: We hope to change the perspective of people towards a more sustainable lifestyle. It does not necessarily mean it will cost more. We priced it to be competitive to regular brands so it will be a seamless switch to the eco way. In the sustainability journey, every steps count, no matter how small. All in all, we hope that the Rollieco can be a sustainability conversation starter, a first step, a spark to a brighter future where we can all live more sustainably, preserving the planet for many generations to come. 

Reporter: So where can people find The Rollieco products

The Rollieco: People can find our toilet rolls on our website (www.therollieco.com), Lazada, Shopee, ShopeeSupermarket, and partners like Your Sustainability Store (https://yoursustainablestore.com/collections/bathroom/products/toilet-paper-rolls-pack-of-5) and SusGain App. 

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