remains of cut trees across the plains with a backdrop of sunset over the lake

Why should you switch to toilet paper made from 100% recycled papers

What's wrong with common toilet papers?

Regular toilet papers that are found in supermarkets are made from virgin fibres. This means that living trees are being cut down to be made into toilet papers whose only purpose is to wipe our butts and be flushed down the toilet. Such stained papers are not recyclable at all. An estimate of 27,000 trees are being cut down daily worldwide to be made into single use products like toilet papers. We are literally flushing trees down the toilet.

There is a better choice

You can choose to be better. In Singapore, The Rollieco ( offers toilet papers made from 100% recycled fibres. They are made from recycled fibres recovered from old text books, documents and some from industrial production paper waste. Making this switch means less trees are being cut down and this increases the demand for recycled fibres which in turn encourages the recycling ecosystem. Choosing recycled papers also means the trees that are not cut can continue to capture carbon dioxide, provide oxygen, prevent soil erosion and provide habitat for animals. Using recycled fibres also utilizes less water and energy compared to using virgin fibres. 

Make the switch

It might not seem like a big deal but the collective voice of consumer can make great waves in the industry. Do make the switch to have a more positive impact on the environment, leaving it a better place for our next generation. Choose recycled toilet paper.

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